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I, Scott Johni, have been the victim of another's carelessness. In 1986, I was traveling home from work one evening when a reckless driver struck the left front quarter panel of the driver's side of my car, forcing me off the road. My car was propelled into a telephone pole nearly cutting my vehicle in half just behind the drivers seat.

I suffered a broken neck (C-2 fracture) and, as a result, had to have my C1-C4 vertebrae fused and my neck wired back together. This collision caused me to be temporarily paralyzed. My right lung collapsed, ligaments were torn in my right leg, and I had two tracheotomies. My medical bills were over $100,000.00.

Unfortunately, the driver who hit me not only did not have any insurance, but also had multiple prior driving violations on his driving record.

After the collision, I underwent extensive physical therapy and was told I was very lucky to be alive. I realized at that point in my life what type of law I wanted to practice — personal injury. back view (click to enlarge)


As fate would have it, while going to work one morning in September of 1997 I was sitting in line behind multiple cars waiting for a red light to change when i was rear-ended by a van. Again, the driver had no insurance.

Fortunately, I had uninsured motorists coverage (UM/UIM). This collision caused additional injuries to my neck requiring surgical intervention; I had my C5-C7 vertebrae fused and a plate with pedicle screws placed in my neck for stability. Due to these injuries, I have even less range-of-motion in my neck.

My dedication comes from surviving two automobile collisions. Those collisions changed my life and provided me with the desire and dedication to help victims of other's carelessness.

IF WE ACCEPT YOUR CASE, we will work hard for YOU.

One of the most consistent complaints about attorneys today is that clients feel they cannot reach their attorney and they are not kept aware of what is happening with their case. I pride myself on my firm's customer service. We are committed to keeping the client informed throughout the claim process. My experience comes from years of practice, years of continuing education, and employing knowledgeable and experienced staff members. Your individual claim will be assigned to a team working on your behalf, consisting of a claims manager/investigator, a legal assistant, and me — your attorney.

The claims manager/investigator's role is to assist me in gathering the facts and evidence to develop your claim. The legal assistant's role is to answer questions, assist you with paperwork, and to keep you updated as to the status of your claim.

The Law Office of Scott Johni, P.A., is selective in the cases we take. We accept clients who have real injuries. We strive to provide personalized service. We will work hard for you. You, too, should be selective. Choosing an attorney to represent you is an important decision; your choice should be an educated one! The Law Office of Scott Johni, P. A. is large enough to handle complex cases, but small enough to provide personalized service to each client.

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