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Verdict: $11,095,738.36

Motor Vehicle Accident: Loss of Control

Co-Counsel: Dennis M. Morgenstern (Tampa)

Single-vehicle rollover collision resulting in quadriplegia (due to compressive burst fracture of C5 vertebrae), neurogenic bowel and bladder (due to spinal cord injury), and secondary UTIs/decubitus ulcers of 22-year-old male unrestrained backseat passenger.

$345,738.36 past medical expenses
$6,000,000 future medical expenses
$1,250,000 past pain & suffering
$3,500,000 future pain & suffering

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Verdict: $1,475,902

Motor Vehicle Accident: Motorcycle Collision

Two-vehicle (plaintiff: motorcycle; defendant: automobile) collision resulting in right shoulder separation; fracture of left clavicle, pelvis and hip; three broken ribs (left); and comminuted tibia-fibula fracture (right) of 29-year-old male. Injuries sustained stipulate loss of victim's employment and neccessity for re-training in sedentary occupation.

$51,902 past lost earnings
$164,000 past medical expenses
$80,000 present value of future lost wages
$180,000 present value of future medical expenses
$500,000 past pain & suffering
$500,000 future pain & suffering

Verdict: $100,000

Motor Vehicle Accident: Running Stop Sign

Two-vehicle collision at intersection resulting in C5-C6 herniated disc, C6-C7annular bulging disc, cervical radiculopathy, TMJ, and rotator cuff impingement on left side of 40-year-old female.

$35,716.55 past medical expenses
$64,283.45 future medical expenses & lost earning capacity

Settlement: $1,100,000

Motor Vehicle Accident: Motorcycle Collision

Two-vehicle collision (plaintiff motorcycle; defendant automobile) at intersection resulting in anterior pelvic fracture with right superior and inferior pubic rami fractures and wide pubic diastasis, left shoulder greater tuberosity displaced fracture w/ rotator cuff lesion, UTI w/ E. coli, C6-7 moderate disc herniation w/ spinal cord compression, C5-6 central disk herniation, acute compression fracture of the superior end-plate of L1, internal derangement of right knee, penile implant, and deep vein thrombosis of 55-year-old male.

Settlement: $250,000 (Federal cap for vaccine-related deaths)

Vaccination: DTaP, OPV, Hib, Hepatitis B

After receiving immunizations administered by her primary care physician, 2-month old girl suffered anaphylactic shock resulting in respiratory failure.

Settlement: $3.8 million (approx.)

Vaccination: DTaP

After receiving immunizations administered by his primary care physician, 12-month old boy suffered encephalopathy resulting in seizure disorder, learning disability, and the need for constant life-long care.

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